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10 Clever Ways To Get A Friend To Give You Money

10 Clever Ways To Get A Friend To Give You Money

10 Clever Ways To Get A Friend To Give You Money


We all know how it feels to want something and not be able to get it. You might feel like you’re being denied by someone who doesn’t have the money or resources available to give you what you need, but that’s not always true! There are many ways that friends can help each other out – especially when it comes to getting money. Not every friend will say yes when asked if they can give you some cash right away. There are still plenty of ways in which they can help without even knowing it. Here are eight easy ways that people in your life can help fund your next trip or make sure they don’t have to pay for anything out of pocket and 10 Clever Ways To Get A Friend To Give You Money:

Ask a friend to make change.

It’s important to be polite when asking for money from friends, even if you need their help. If your friend is going to get money from a cash register, then they will want to know that you are also polite and not just trying to take advantage of them. You can do this by asking politely and without complaining. “Can I get some change?” or “Is there enough cash in the register?” You should also make sure that whatever item(s) you are buying is worth having. Therefore, it is worth paying with real money (not gift cards). This way, the person helping out doesn’t feel like they have been taken advantage of. Instead, it makes them feel good about helping someone else out. Even though they may not have been expecting anything special in return!

Offer to do laundry.

When you’re in a situation where you need money but don’t want to ask for it directly, offer to do laundry. You can tell your friend that you’re trying to earn some cash and that all the washing machines are broken. So they’ll have to pick up their own clothes when they come over. This will get them thinking about how much money they might save if they paid someone else to do the laundry instead of doing it themselves.

If your friend has kids or pets and doesn’t want them living outside (or maybe just wants more space), offer up babysitting services! You could say something like “I know how hard it is when people go out on dates.” Or maybe “My dog got sick last night—would love some help caring for him.” The possibilities are endless because everyone knows how hard caring for children can be. Small gestures like this that demonstrate concern for others’ feelings can go a long way!

Tell them you’re going on a trip and you need travel money.

If you really need money, but don’t want to ask for it directly, try this approach. Tell your friend that you’re going on a trip and will need to pay for some expenses (e.g., plane tickets). Then explain what those expenses are and how much they cost.

Your friend should be able to see the value in helping out their friend who is going through tough times. Hopefully, they’ll be open-minded enough not only to give money but also to offer advice or suggestions on how best to use it!

Promise to pay them back, even if you don’t have a way to do it right now.

If you’re feeling generous and want to give a friend some money but don’t have the means to do so right now, it’s important that you promise them that you’ll pay them back. This way, they’ll feel more comfortable giving their hard-earned cash away. This way, they won’t have to worry about whether or not their generosity will be fully repaid.

You can use this strategy by saying something like: “I need some money right now because I’m going out of town tomorrow.” Or: “I’m going away on vacation next week and won’t be able to pay my rent until then.”

The key here is making sure that your friend knows exactly why they should give up the cash—and what needs to happen before anyone gets paid back (i.e., how much time is left before buying groceries).

Don’t ask straight up – hint around instead.

Hinting is a great way to ask for money from your friends. It makes it easier for them to say yes. A hint is something that sounds like a question but isn’t really one—it’s more like an invitation. For example:

You: “Hey! What do you think about buying me dinner?”

Other person: “That sounds good! Do you want to go out with me tonight?”

Ask for a loan and offer some of your stuff as collateral.

One of the most effective ways to get a friend to give you money is by asking for a loan and offering some of your stuff as collateral. What this means is that if you don’t repay their loan, they have the option to take back whatever it is that you gave them as collateral (or sell it). This can be helpful if:

  • You need cash now but don’t want to ask anyone else for help;
  • You have something valuable but are not willing or able to sell it right away; or
  • Your business needs money but doesn’t want other people knowing about it yet.

Offer to watch their kid.

If you know someone who has kids, ask if you can watch their kid. This is a great way to get them to lend money. It’s more personal than asking for cash in an email or text message. You might get lucky and they’ll say yes!

To make sure that this works out, make sure the person knows who their child is and what kind of personality he/she has (for example: “I’m really good with kids.”). Make sure that there aren’t any other people around when you’re watching (this includes pets). Also, keep in mind that parents may have rules about allowing strangers to look after their children. So be upfront about this before agreeing on anything else!

Ask someone who owes you money if they can just give it to you in cash instead of paying the debt back.

It’s important to be honest about why you need the money and that it’s important to you. The more heartfelt your story, the better chance of success!

If all else fails, hope for the best! If a person has promised to pay back their debt but hasn’t done so yet—or if they’ve defaulted on previous payments—you might want to let them know in person instead of asking them directly (or via email or text). While this may seem like an extreme measure. Sometimes people forget what they owe others when they’re dealing with other issues in their lives. This could be especially true if there’s been some serious personal trauma as well as financial stressors.

Promise to clean their place or help with chores or yard work if they pay you the money first.

  • Make sure you actually do the work.
  • Tell them how long it will take and when they can expect to see a result.
  • Ask for feedback before you get paid. So, you know if your friend is happy with the results of their money-making venture.

Just ask for it! Be honest about why you need it and that it’s important to you, and hope for the best!

You can also ask your friend to give you money, even if they don’t have any extra cash. Just be sure to be upfront about why you need it and that it’s important to you, and hope for the best!

If they say no or just don’t understand why this is so important at this time in your life (you know who I’m talking about), then try another tactic:

  • Ask again later after things have calmed down a little bit from whatever stressful situation caused them not to be able to lend out their hard-earned cash earlier on in our relationship—say after one month since our last conversation where we discussed how much we needed some extra cash and how badly I needed help paying off my credit card debt before Christmas came around again next year…

You’ll never get what you need if you don’t ask for it!

There’s no reason to wait for someone else to give you what you need. You can’t always expect others to do it for you, and if they don’t, it’s up to you to ask. If someone offers a free service or product but wants more money than your friend is willing to pay, she may refuse. Maybe that person should just make their own business out of it instead of relying on charity from others. But this doesn’t mean that all work should be done by volunteers; sometimes we just have different preferences in life than other people do—and those preferences may not include helping someone else out with their expenses!

So if one of your friends offers his or her services as an editor at some magazine or website but won’t charge any money beyond his/her time spent doing it (which may take several hours per article, then perhaps there might be some value added by asking him/her whether s/he would be interested in editing something else besides writing articles? Or maybe another friend has a book idea he thinks could sell well as an ebook but hasn’t been able to yet find anyone willing enough who think enough about investing money into publishing such project because everyone seems too busy working on other projects themselves?


You might be thinking, “But wait! I’m not asking for cash!” And that’s true. But if you’re in need of something and the only way to get it is by asking others directly, then you should do it. It can be tough to ask a friend or family member for money at first, but they might just be willing to help out! And if not? Well, at least we gave them something meaningful from our lives so they’ll remember us when we’re gone…

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