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23 Things That Will Make You Step Back And Say “Whaaaaaa”

23 Things That Will Make You Step Back And Say, "Whaaaaaa"

23 Things That Will Make You Step Back And Say, “Whaaaaaa”


I’m a firm believer in the idea that the world is full of amazing things. To me, nature is one of the most beautiful things on this planet and it’s always inspiring to see something new or different. But sometimes—especially when you’re traveling abroad—you’ll come across something so bizarre and fascinating that it will make you stop in your tracks just like me! So here are 23 things that will make you step back and say “Whaaaaaa!”

The water here is so still it looks like glass!

  • The water here is so still it looks like glass!
  • There are lakes everywhere you look—and they’re not just any lakes, they’re huge ones too!
  • There are rivers that flow through every state in America with no end in sight (or maybe there’s an end? I don’t know.)
  • We have more waterfalls than you can shake a stick at: Great Smoky Mountains National Park alone boasts over 70 different waterfalls ranging from 4 feet tall up to 50 feet high! And if that wasn’t enough yet, there are also dozens more located all over our country as well as around the world—some even longer than Niagara Falls itself!

This floating boy illusion.

One of the most famous illusions in the world is this floating boy illusion.

This is an example of perspective, which means that when you look at something from a different angle, it appears to be bigger or smaller than it actually is. In this case, if you’re looking at a person from above them (like on an escalator), they seem like they’re floating in water. If you were standing next to them instead of above them, then you’d see their feet touching the ground and everything else around them sinking below sea level!

This Swiss Army knife calculator.

This Swiss Army Knife calculator is a great example of Swiss ingenuity. You can use it as a knife, but it also serves as an all-purpose tool for cutting paper, plastic, wood, and metal. The designers at [company name] have also thought about the traveler who needs to cut through thick rope or string in order to make shelter from the elements—the calculator has an integrated saw blade to do just that. In addition to being useful for camping trips and outdoor activities such as hiking or kayaking, this gadget is perfect for use in your kitchen when you want something easy to cut up vegetables before cooking them on the stovetop or in an oven!

This 1000-year-old tree.

If you’re in South Africa, and you see a baobab tree, don’t be surprised if it looks like this:

It is one of the oldest living things in the world. It was planted in South Africa by Cecil John Rhodes. He was just 16 years old (he died at age 88). The tree is estimated to be around 1,000 years old – meaning that it has survived two major ice ages and three major global warming events since its planting!

This indoor waterfall that makes you feel like you are outdoors!

This is the perfect way to get your daily dose of nature. It’s an indoor waterfall that makes you feel like you’re outdoors!

The water is recycled and recirculated, so it’s just as fresh as if it were flowing from a mountain stream. The mist is sprayed from the ceiling to make it look like there’s more water than what actually exists on site, but in reality there isn’t any extra water being pumped into this massive aquarium-like space (that would be gross). Instead, all that mist comes from recycling techniques used throughout China’s cities—everywhere!

The way this water lily looks like a spinning vortex.

This water lily, also known as a whorl, is an optical illusion. It looks like it’s spinning because the flower grows in a spiral pattern. This is a beautiful example of nature at work!

These white cocoons growing in a tree.

If you’ve ever wondered what the white cocoons growing in a tree are, then this is your lucky day. It’s not an alien invasion or some kind of magical force field. It’s simply an insect doing its thing. Insects such as mites and wasps cause galls by injecting their eggs into plant tissue. The bugs lay eggs on plants, which hatch into larvae and begin feasting on whatever nutrients they can find (typically leaf surfaces). As these larvae grow larger and bigger over time, they consume more and more wood from their host plant until eventually it becomes too weighed down by all those extra pounds of growth to sustain itself anymore.

After several weeks or months pass without any sign of movement within the galled area (sometimes even years), the rest falls away revealing a beautiful white cocoon filled with silk fibers that look similar to spiderweb fibers but with less bite factor when it comes time to eat them up!

How these bricks make the wall look like it’s being sucked into a vortex.

How these bricks make the wall look like it’s being sucked into a vortex. Again, there are lots of ways to do this—but if you want to be extra clever, you can arrange your bricks in a way that looks like an image from Google Image Search. To start on your own project, just Google “vortex” and use the first result as inspiration!

If you’re feeling ambitious (and have some free time on your hands), try drawing or painting your own version of this effect using an ink pen or watercolor paints. Or maybe even try building one yourself with Legos!

How this guy’s legs look like old woman in pain.

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These cute mini houses inside a tree!

These cute mini houses inside a tree!

Let’s face it, nothing makes you think of fairies like little twig houses. These are called fairy houses and they’re made by humans—not by fairies. They’re usually found in forests or other places that have lots of trees to hang them off of, but they can also be found in other places like lakeshores and riversides. No matter where your little house is hanging from, it’ll always look magical when you look up at it from below!

How this shoe looks as if it’s melting off the table!

What do you think of when you see this shoe? If you’re like me, your first thought is “Whaaaaa?”

The reason why this shoe looks so bizarre is because it is literally melting away from the table. It also appears to be melting off the floor, wall and puddle. It’s like some kind of weird alien invasion or something!

This heart made of tomato skins!

We’ve all seen the type of love hearts that are made by painting the inside of an Oreo cookie with red frosting. But did you know that tomato skins are also a natural dye?

Dyeing is an environmentally friendly way to make yarn or fabric, and it’s actually pretty easy to do it yourself. Tomato skin dyes come from plant pigments in fruit pits (also known as “tomato seeds”). If you’re feeling adventurous, try out this DIY at home:

  • First, gather some ripe tomatoes and cut them open so their insides can be exposed. Be sure not to touch any part of the skin because nicotine will stain your hands!
  • Remove any seeds or membranes from each piece before putting them into bowls of water. So they don’t float away while waiting for dyeing time. This will help to keep everything neat while still allowing air circulation around them. 🙂 After soaking overnight in cold water (to reduce bacterial growth), drain off excess liquid. Try to leave enough moisture behind so that it doesn’t dry out completely. If you need add more warm water until you reach desirable consistency. Add enough powder/liquid mixture per pound desired amount needed. It should look like soup when finished mixing. Stir vigorously until completely blended together. Let sit overnight. Once set up again take off protective layer. Cut into strips. Hang somewhere sunny and Enjoy!

This umbrella caught by lightning.

And then there was the umbrella.

It was one of those rare sunny days in the city, and I was out for a walk with my friend when we came across this abandoned umbrella lying in a corner. As we approached, it caught our attention—it looked like something out of an old science fiction film! But as we got closer, it became clear that this wasn’t just any old umbrella: It had been caught by lightning as recently as yesterday!

The poor thing had been scorched black around its base and several holes had been burned into its surface. You could clearly see where each bolt hit home. At first glance, you might think this would make it more attractive than others, but upon closer inspection (and knowing what happens when umbrellas are struck by lightning), I realized how wrong that assumption would be.

How this road turns into one giant rainbow when wet.

When it rains, a road becomes a giant rainbow. That’s right, raindrops refract light in such a way that they bend it around bends and curves in the road until they make one huge, gorgeous arc of color across your windshield.

The phenomenon is called the “rainbow effect.” It happens because water molecules scatter light like tiny prisms—and when they’re inside glass or plastic (like your windshield), they’ll reflect some wavelengths away from others as they pass through them. In other words: if there was no air between you and those raindrops on your windshield… well… who knows what might happen then?

This deer camouflaged with leaves and branches!

You might not have known it, but deer are very good at blending in with their surroundings. They blend into trees and shrubs that hide them from predators. Deer can also be camouflaged by their body shape and coloration—just look at this guy! The deer blends perfectly into the leaves on the tree trunk above him, making him seem like part of nature itself (which he is).

These plastic tops trapped in ice!

  • It looks like a sea creature.
  • It looks like a jellyfish.
  • It looks like a giant sea monster.
  • Or maybe it’s just an animal that lives in the ocean and has never seen land before?

The way this staircase looks like a tunnel to another dimension.

The way this staircase looks like a tunnel to another dimension.

The stairs are a tunnel that takes you to another world, and we can’t wait to see what you find there!

This frozen river that resembles dragon scales.

The Osterbek River is a frozen river located in Germany. It runs through the city of Hamburg and has been frozen over since early November each year, giving it its name: Winterfahrten (or “Winter fun”).

The Osterbek has many bends and curves, which makes it look like dragon scales if you’re not careful—and that’s exactly what happened when people started taking pictures with their phones!

How this whale looks right out of a Dr. Seuss book.

The whale is a majestic creature. It’s the top of the food chain and it has the best view in all of space. The whale looks like it is wearing a hat, smiling, dancing, flying and singing its heart out. What other animals could do this? This whale does not care what you think about its outfit!

Some things will never cease to amaze me

Some things will never cease to amaze me, and they’re so amazing that they are hard to believe.

Other times, I find myself stepping back and saying, “whaaaaaa.”


We hope you enjoyed our top 23 list of things that will make you say “whaaaaaa!”

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