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3 People You Should Never Give Money To

3 People You Should Never Give Money To

3 People You Should Never Give Money To


If you’re like me, then you’ve probably had the experience of giving money to someone and feeling guilty about it. Even though we don’t want to admit it—especially if that person is a family member. We still feel bad about giving them money whenever they ask. The problem with this situation is that when you give people money without expecting anything in return (or, worse, without saying no), you create a financial imbalance between yours and theirs: you start spending more than you earn because every time someone asks for money from us, even though we know they don’t always pay us back!

So what can be done? How do we stop giving these people our hard-earned dollars? Well first off let’s take a look at some common scenarios where your generosity might lead to trouble, Here is our guide on 3 People You Should Never Give Money To:

The family member who always asks for money

If you find yourself giving money to your family members, it’s time to stop. Family members are often the ones who ask for money and don’t really need it. However, sometimes they have a good reason for asking for help. For example, if an adult child is struggling with debt or unemployment and needs financial support from his parents in order to stay afloat until he finds another job—that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

However, there are many other ways that family members can get what they need without needing your help with cash:

  • Ask them if there were any bills or expenses that they didn’t pay last month (like rent). If so, how long does he expect those payments to take? You could help him budget accordingly by checking out whether there is any way he could pay off these debts faster than expected. And if there isn’t any way yet but maybe soon will be…then maybe consider giving some extra cash now so that when opportunity knocks again later on down the road then your grandchild won’t feel disappointed because “you forgot about him” after all these months together growing up together.”

The person who won’t stop asking if you got their email

The person who won’t stop asking if you got their email.

This is a person who has no idea that they’re being annoying but will continue to do it anyway. They ask for your email address so often that it’s starting to feel like an obligation—and it’s not worth the hassle of dealing with them (or paying someone else).

The person who’s constantly forgetting to pay you back

  • You should never give money to someone who forgets to pay you back.
  • They’re not a good friend, so they don’t deserve your trust.
  • They’re unreliable and can’t be counted on for anything—including paying their bills on time or returning your calls when you ask them too! So why would you want to do business with them?

The person who keeps borrowing things without asking first

A person who keeps borrowing things without asking first is not a trustworthy friend. If you loan them your car, and they don’t return it to you right away, then that’s okay—but if they do return it but then keep driving around in it and breaking the law, that’s not okay. Another example would be if this person borrows money from you for an emergency situation (like buying groceries), but never pays it back again.

This sort of behavior can also damage your relationships with other people. If someone borrows something from me and returns it in a broken or damaged condition. So, if I can’t repair or replace it myself, I’ll feel bad about giving them my hard-earned money! And how does this make me feel about myself? As someone who values fairness above all else…not great!

The person who can’t tell you no.

This person is not someone you should give money to.

People who can’t say no, especially if they think that their friends will be angry with them, are more likely to get taken advantage of by people who want something from them. They’re also more likely to have trouble making decisions and sticking with those decisions in the long run. As such, they may end up borrowing money from others (or, even worse, being forced into debt). It’s because they’ve given away too much control over their own finances.

And if you do decide that this person needs your help financially? Well, then I’d say good luck finding someone else willing to take on the burden!

You will have less financial stress when you stop giving money to these people.

You will have more money.

In this way, you won’t be stressed out by the thought of giving money to people who don’t need it and aren’t asking for it.

You can keep that cash in your pocket or donate it to a charity that helps other people in need.


In conclusion, there are a few people you should never give money to. This will help you save money and stress in the long run.

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