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Women Are Not Really The Unicorn-Like Creatures You Imagine

Women Are Not Really The Unicorn-Like Creatures You Imagine

Good News: Women Are Not Really The Unicorn-Like Creatures You Imagine


You’re probably thinking that women are strange, mysterious creatures who only exist to take your money and give you nothing in return. Well, that’s not exactly true! We aren’t quite as hard to figure out as society would have us believe. There are some things we do (and don’t do) that will help you understand us better. So, if you want more out of life and actually enjoy being with a woman instead of feeling like she’s something against you because she’s not like other girls… let this list be your guide on why we think Women Are Not Really The Unicorn-Like Creatures You Imagine!

I don’t think we’re that weird.

When you think about women, what do you see? Do you imagine a creature with the wings of an angel and the horn of a unicorn? Or maybe something more like a porcupine, with sharp quills sticking out all over its body.

I don’t think we’re that weird. We are human beings just like you—and we have the same needs and desires as everyone else! We don’t think about our appearance all the time. Sometimes it’s hard enough just keeping up with our own thoughts without having to worry about what others might think of us too (which is why it’s so important for us to learn how to take care of ourselves). Even if we did want to be magically transformed into the mythical creature known as “the unicorn,” there is no guarantee that every woman would benefit from such an experience—just ask any woman who has tried to get her period back after becoming pregnant… or, worse, having their first child!

Being a sexual being doesn’t mean we are always “in the mood”.

A lot of times people think that women are not really the unicorn-like creatures you imagine them to be. They think that we’re always in the mood, but it’s not true. We may want to have sex, but if you ask me later on (when we’re both in our pajamas and Netflix has been on for hours), if I’m not feeling it, then I’ll tell you so.

We also have other things going on in our lives besides sex: schoolwork, friendships and relationships with people outside of those two things—and sometimes even within those two things! So sometimes it’s difficult for us to find time or energy when there’s so much going on at once. And then there are days where we just don’t feel like having sex at all because something happened earlier in the day (or week) which made us upset/anxious/frustrated/angry/depressed etcetera…

Some of us enjoy wearing makeup.

It’s a common misconception that women are only interested in beauty products and services. After all, many of us have been told by our parents or grandparents that we should wear makeup to look more attractive and desirable to men. However, this is not necessarily true—some women enjoy wearing makeup but don’t want others to know about it.

Some of us like the way our faces look without any extra effort on our part; others find it hard to admit (or maybe even admit) that they enjoy doing so too! With so many options out there today—from foundation sticks to high-end cleansers—it can be difficult for some people who don’t have time or money for expensive treatments every day because they need something simple yet effective instead.”

There are a handful of annoying things we do to annoy you.

There are a handful of annoying things we do to annoy you. We can be moody, and it’s not always clear what we’re thinking or feeling. It’s also hard for us to read your body language when you’re trying to express yourself—or maybe the problem is that we just have no idea how people communicate in general!

If all this sounds like something you’ve experienced before, then congratulations! You’ve probably been through it before yourself. And if not… well… don’t worry too much about it. Just know that there are some things that people do differently between men and women (which isn’t necessarily bad).

We have our own very particular way of getting ready for date night.

Date night is a special time. It’s when two people get to spend time together and do something fun. For example, go out to dinner or watch a movie. You can think of it as the “guy version of Valentine’s Day: one day out of the year where you get to go on dates with your girlfriend/boyfriend and enjoy each other’s company without any responsibilities or obligations!

Date nights are also great because they allow us to take advantage of all the things we love about being single — like spending time with our friends, watching movies in bed together, getting ready for work by ourselves (and if we have kids then this becomes even more fun), doing some grocery shopping after work (because who doesn’t love browsing through all those beautiful produce sections?), hanging out at home watching TV together — yep! We’ve got everything covered!

We love you.

We love you.

This is a fact that many people have trouble accepting, and it’s something we’ll talk about more in the future. But for now, let’s just acknowledge that women do love men and want them to be happy. We want them to treat us with kindness and respect, because then we’ll feel like we’ve been treated well—and then everything will work out for the best!

Women aren’t that hard to figure out!

You might have heard that women are mysterious creatures. They’re not unicorns, after all—they have their own personalities and preferences! Right?

Well, no. Women aren’t that hard to figure out either. We’re actually pretty simple creatures who like certain things and dislike others: food, sex and sleep come up often in our conversations (and by ‘us,’ I mean my wife).

It’s true that while you can’t really predict what your partner will want on any given day based on their past behavior or experience with other people (though there is some overlap), you can make some general assumptions about them based on their general interests or personality traits: for example, if your partner loves reading fantasy books but has never mentioned anything about being interested in science fiction novels before now then it’s probably safe to say they probably won’t be too interested in flying cars either!


I hope that this has helped you understand a little more about the women in your life. I know it can be hard to keep up with all the different stereotypes and assumptions out there, but hopefully we’ve made it easier for you by showing them in action!

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