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How to cleanse and raise the energy in your home

How to cleanse and raise the energy in your home

How to cleanse and raise the energy in your home


Home is a place to feel comfortable and safe. You want it to be a place where you can relax, be happy and feel relaxed yourself. However, if your home feels off-kilter or unhappy, it can be hard to stay in the mood you want. That’s why cleansing the energy of your home is so important! When done correctly, this process will help you raise the energy in your space so that it becomes more positive and harmonious. Here is our guide on how to cleanse and raise the energy in your home:

Talking to your house

When you talk to your house, ask it what it needs. What are its needs? Do it a favor and listen carefully. You can be as specific or vague as you’d like. The more specific we are about our wishes, the better they’ll turn out.

If your house isn’t responding well to the way you’re talking to it, try again. Maybe there’s an issue with your tone or volume? Maybe now that I’m moving on from my last place and all my stuff is gone (and replaced by other things). I don’t feel like talking at all because everything looks so different than when I lived there before!

Again: no judgment here—just trying something new! If this still doesn’t work for you, try telling yourself how grateful you are for having such a valuable resource in your life (the same goes for any other relationships).

Clearing the space

Clearing the space of negative energy is important. You can do this by lighting incense or candles, using sage or smudge sticks and a bowl of salt water to cleanse your home.

Sealing the space

  • Use a smudge stick or sage to cleanse the space. Smudging is a traditional method of cleansing your home, body and mind by burning bundles of dried herbs (or sweetgrass) in order for their smoke to enter your home. You can also use cedar chips and sage, which are cheaper alternatives to smudge sticks.
  • Seal off any doors that have been left open during this process, especially if you’re not sure which specific smells might be lingering in there!

Working with the four elements

The four elements are earth, air, fire and water. They’re used to cleanse and raise the energy in your home. Earth is used to ground and create a sense of stability in the home; it also helps you feel grounded when you’re working with emotions that need to be processed or worked through. Air clears out any stagnant energies in rooms, removing any negative energy that may have been lingering there before you started working on cleaning up those spaces. Fire will burn off any stale air so it doesn’t drag down your energy anymore. If something isn’t feeling right about how things look or smell inside your house then try burning sage leaves (or another smudge stick) under running water until they turn blackish-brownish-grayish-greenish colors! Finally we have water which cleanses away old memories as well as releasing toxins from our bodies such as nicotine from cigarettes…

Using crystals, candles and incense together

The next step is to use the same items in different rooms. If you have a crystal or incense item that you like, try using it in every room of your home. This will help raise the energy there and make it feel more welcoming to you.

If you have candles and crystals, place them on opposite sides of a doorway. They can pass through each other while being lit at the same time. This can be very soothing if done properly!

You may also want to set up an altar with candles, crystals and incense around where you do most of your work (such as by your bed) so that they’re always nearby when needed!

Honoring the energy you feel

  • Pray, meditate, or just relax.
  • Explain why you feel the need to honor the energy.
  • Explain what you will do to honor the energy (e.g., light a candle).
  • Explain how this will help you feel better (e.g., by clearing out clutter).

You can make your home feel happier.

  • You can make your home feel happier.
  • You can cleanse and raise the energy in your home.
  • The easiest way is to simply walk around, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy that moment of relaxation as you go from room to room.


All of these techniques are easy to do, and even if you don’t like them at first, over time you will find that they work. With a little practice, we hope that you can use this knowledge to make your home more comfortable and welcoming for yourself and others who live there.

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