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How to look stylish with only a carry-on.

How to look stylish with only a carry-on.

How to look stylish with only a carry-on.


I’m a travel addict. I love to travel, and I love to pack light. When it comes to flying, though, there’s no room for error. You have to be organized and prepared when you’re choosing what to bring with you on the plane. If you know what works best for your trip ahead of time, then packing will be easier than ever before. It would be easier to find things when they’re needed will feel like second nature! Here is our guide on how to look stylish with only a carry-on.

If you’re going to the airport, get a carry-on.

If you’re going to the airport, get a carry-on.

The best way to pack is the same way as how you would pack for any trip. Use your natural tendencies and instincts. A good rule of thumb is that if it doesn’t belong in your suitcase, it doesn’t go into it either. That means no shoes or socks unless they’re clean and dry. No extra clothing (such as pajamas)! No unnecessary toiletries and no bulky items like books or laptops (unless those are required).

You should also keep track of what’s inside each bag. So you can easily locate whatever item needs immediate attention if there’s an emergency situation on board during travel time.

You really can fit a lot in a carry-on bag.

If you’re going to wear the same thing every day, then it might be worth investing in a suitcase. But if you like to switch up your outfits and thoughtfully pack your things, then a carry-on bag can be the perfect solution.

If you’re wondering how much stuff fits into one of these bags, there are two ways to answer that question. First having an experienced travel companion help with packing (and unpacking). Second, simply use this handy guide as a reference point. We’ll start with my favorite method first. The number one tip, I give when I’m helping someone else pack for their trip: always use packing cubes!

The best way for me personally is to put all my shoes into separate plastic bags. So they don’t get crushed together in my suitcase during transit. This also helps keep them from getting wet from sweat or rainwater during flights over water sources such as oceans/oceanside cities etc…

Be creative with what you pack.

If you’re looking for a way to bring your favorite makeup bag with you on the plane, consider packing it in something else. For example, instead of carrying all of your mascara in a small, expensive case, use an empty cosmetic bag as an alternative storage solution for your brushes and applicators. You can also use shoe boxes or even scarves as storage containers for jewelry (like earrings) or even make-up brushes!

Don’t check your luggage until you pay for the flight. Then use baggage fees to buy more clothes or accessories.

If you’re going on a trip, the best advice is to only check your luggage when you have to. This way, if something happens and your bag gets lost or delayed in transit, at least it won’t be with all of your other stuff.

If this isn’t an option (maybe because you live in New York City), then consider using baggage fees as an opportunity to buy more clothes or accessories instead of worrying about what’s inside your carry-on. For example:

  • If there’s enough space left on the plane for me and my suitcase (that doesn’t weigh 100 pounds), then I’ll wait until I’m boarding before checking anything else into the overhead bin!
  • Once I get off the plane at my destination city—and before we leave again—I’ll unpack everything into their proper places so that no one has any reason why some item might not fit into another bag later on down road

Toss your hairbrush, toothbrush and other useless items in your carry-on bag, too.

As you know, the space in your carry-on bag is limited. So instead of keeping all these items around, just toss them in there. You don’t need a hairbrush or other toiletries like toothpaste and mouthwash. They’re only going to clutter up the bottom half of your bag anyway!

Pack like this all the time and treat it as a second closet.

One of the best ways to be stylish on a budget is to pack like this all the time and treat it as a second closet. You can fit so much in a carry-on bag, from shoes to workout clothes that you might as well just let yourself have fun with what you bring along.

If you’re planning on traveling for more than two weeks at a time (or if your flight will cost more than $200), then buy an extra bag for each destination. This way, when your suitcase breaks or gets lost—which will happen eventually—you won’t have to worry about having anything but dirty laundry left behind. Because there’s no room left in the hotel room after unpacking everything else!


If you can follow these tips and tricks, you should be able to get through your next trip without all the hassles of checking your luggage, waiting for luggage pick-up or dealing with lost bags. By packing like this all the time, we’re hoping that people will start seeing carry-on bags not just as a temporary solution but also as an appliance that makes life easier.

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