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How To Not Look Stupid While Blowing Out Candles

How To Not Look Stupid While Blowing Out Candles

How To Not Look Stupid While Blowing Out Candles


I used to be one of those people who would sit in front of the television and look at their phone while trying to blow out candles on a cake. I know! It’s stupid, right? Well—yes, it is, but there’s a way to do it without looking foolish. Here are my top three tips for How To Not Look Stupid While Blowing Out Candles:

1. Don’t inhale.

  • Don’t inhale.
  • Don’t breathe in too deeply or quickly, especially when you’re blowing out candles (unless it’s a real emergency).
  • If you need to blow out a candle, do it slowly and carefully so that the flame doesn’t go out altogether and so that no one gets hurt by flying debris (like the hot wax itself).

2. Don’t stick your fingers in your cake.

  • Don’t stick your fingers in your cake.

This one is pretty obvious, but it’s also kind of important—especially if you want to keep your hands clean for later. To be fair, some people do things like shove their hands into the cake and then blow out candles with them, but this is generally frowned upon by the majority of society (and most importantly: don’t do it).

3. Make sure to shut your mouth.

It’s important to close your mouth when you blow out the candles. If you keep it open too long, it can get messy and people will think that you’re not doing it right.

Also, don’t stick your tongue out or make a face while blowing out the candles—it looks silly! And don’t say anything stupid either; just keep quiet until everyone else has finished their own part of the party games or whatever they were doing before yours started (which probably doesn’t involve blowing things out).

You can blow out candles and still look like a normal person.

  • Don’t stick your fingers in the cake.
  • Don’t inhale.
  • Don’t make a face, or any other noise that might be interpreted as you trying to mimic what’s happening to your mouth right now.
  • And lastly, don’t bite off chunks of cake—unless it’s Christmas and then go ahead! Avoiding these things will help keep people from thinking you’re weird or insane while blowing out candles on Christmas morning


So, the moral of the story is that you don’t have to look like a total weirdo for blowing out candles. It’s actually really easy and not that hard if you just follow these three tips.

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