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How to Teach Personal Finance to Teens

How to Teach Personal Finance to Teens

How to Teach Personal Finance to Teens


Teens are smart. They can do math in their heads and they can even learn algebra at a young age. But when it comes to learning about personal finance, they might struggle. That’s why you should help them understand how to make money work for them instead of the other way around. Here are some tips on how to teach your teens personal finance:

Walk them through your budgeting process.

  • Show them how you make a budget.
  • Show them how you track your spending.
  • Show them how you stick to your budget.
  • If they have questions about any of these steps, take time out of your lesson to address them in detail and explain why it is important for them to follow each step carefully. Even if they don’t understand everything right away (this will encourage them).
  • Make adjustments based on what happens during the month or week. So, it’s easier for teens who aren’t used to having limited funds in their bank account at the beginning of each month or semester when tuition payments come due again as well as other expenses such as utilities/insurance bills etcetera…

Discuss purchasing decisions.

Discussing the pros and cons of different products and brands is a great way to get teens thinking about their purchases. You can also discuss how to get the best deal, whether it’s by shopping around or negotiating with a salesperson. If you have time, talk about saving money by shopping for deals online and in-store (or even buying at different stores).

Teach them how to spend their own money wisely, too. Explain to them why it’s important for them not only as consumers but also as future financial decision-makers!

Teach them about loans and interest.

When you think of loans, you probably picture a car or a house. But don’t let that fool you! Some of the most common types of student loans come from private sources like credit cards with high APRs (annual percentage rates) and low minimum payments.

It’s important for parents to teach their children how to calculate interest on these types of loans. So, they can make good financial decisions as they grow older. If they’re paying off debt in full each month while earning more than minimum wage at their job, then maybe it wouldn’t hurt them too much if they had two credit cards instead of one. But only if they understand what those numbers mean when compared with savings accounts or CDs (certificates).

Help them find a first job.

Help your teen find a first job.

The first job is an important milestone in every young person’s life, so you want to make sure that they have the best opportunity possible. The most important thing to do is get them into an entry-level position at their dream companies as quickly as possible. If your child doesn’t have any experience or training in their field and no prior work history, then it may be wise for them to take some classes or seminars before applying for jobs outside of their family business (if applicable). This will increase their chances of getting hired and allowing them time for growth without feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities immediately after graduation from college/university/high school etc..

Use the prompts in this article to help you teach your teens personal finance skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

  • Make a budget.
  • Explain how interest works and how it can affect your finances.
  • Help them understand loans, such as car loans or student loans, and the risks involved in taking out these kinds of debt.
  • Teach them about purchasing decisions like buying a car or home that have long-term consequences for their financial health.


Personal finance is a topic that’s often taught in schools, but it can be difficult to make the material interesting. We hope these tips will help you bring lessons about personal finance into your home and make them fun for your kids!

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