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The best underwear for certain outfits.

The best underwear for certain outfits.

The best underwear for certain outfits.


Y’all, I’ve got some good news: buying underwear that matches your outfits is finally a thing. But before we get into the specifics of what makes this possible (and why you should care), let me start by telling you how many times I’ve bought the wrong underwear while shopping. This has happened so much that I can remember exactly where in my local mall each basket of undies was purchased and how embarrassed I was at having chosen them!

Let’s take advantage of this situation by discussing certain styles and colors. So that when you’re shopping for your next pair (or two), you’ll know exactly what type feels right for any given ensemble or occasion. We’ll also talk about how different fabrics react with different types of clothing. So that when it comes time to buy underwear again, there won’t be any surprises. Just like those days spent wandering around with no idea what kind of brief would work best with pants? Here is our guide on the best underwear for certain outfits.

Thongs for tight pants.

Thongs are the most comfortable underwear you can wear, and they’re great for tight pants. If your pants are fitted enough to show your bottom line, thongs are your best bet. Thong underwear is also good for dresses or skirts. Because it doesn’t ride up or chafe like other types of underwear do in those situations. A final note: avoid thongs if you have loose-fitting jeans (or any kind of shorts). Because they’ll slide down into your crack and chafe against them every time you sit down!

No-show hipsters for bodycon dresses.

No-show hipsters are meant to be invisible under tight clothes. They’re not meant to be visible, so they’re often made of a sheer material. They’re also more commonly worn with low-rise jeans and dresses, but can work in other situations as well.

Boy shorts for skirts and dresses.

Boy shorts are a good alternative to thongs. They’re comfortable and don’t show through tight pants. You can wear them with skirts, dresses and high-waisted pants. They’re also a good choice for women with a smaller bust who want to show off their assets without worrying about underwear showing through their clothes.

Visible lace for crop tops and sheer fabrics.

Lacy underwear is a great way to show off your figure and style.

You can wear it with a sheer shirt, or a crop top. It’s also great under sheer shirts and crop tops.

High-rise briefs for high-waisted pants.

High-rise briefs are the best choice for high-waisted pants. They’re not ideal for low rise or no rise. But they can work when paired with a blazer and heels, or even tucked into a pencil skirt.

High-rise underwear like these will keep your wearer’s cheeks lifted. This makes it easier to tie their hair back down and get dressed quickly. They also provide more coverage than boxers (which tend to ride up) while still maintaining some sexy appeal. This combination makes them perfect for any outfit you have in mind!

Buy underwear that matches the outfits you wear.

If you’re like me, you probably don’t have much time to think about what underwear matches your outfit. Your wardrobe is likely filled with some combination of black and white, light blue and red, or whatever else fits into your daily routine.

The best way to ensure that your underwear matches your clothes is by matching the rest of your ensemble. The accessories and makeup included in this equation will help make sure everything looks good together. For example: If you wear a black dress with red accessories (like a necklace or earrings), then it’s important that those items are also black-and-red colored. Otherwise, they’ll clash with each other when paired together. And if someone were wearing an all-black outfit but had on bright orange shoes? The two colors would clash dramatically!

In short: When buying intimates online or at specialty stores like Nordstrom Rack or Target’s Lane Bryant section (which sells affordable basics), look at how many different shades there are available within a certain color family. So when presented as part of an outfit they’ll work well together without standing out too much against one another.”


At the end of the day, you should always choose underwear that fits with your outfit. If you wear something loose and baggy on top, then don’t go for a tight pair of undies or briefs. If you have extra material on top like a crop top or tank top then opt for something high-waisted like boy shorts or no-show hipsters instead. Also, make sure that whatever underwear you choose has enough support in the butt area. Because this will help prevent any embarrassing moments during intimate moments with your partner!

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