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The Things You Can’t Help But Share With Friends

The Things You Can't Help But Share With Friends

The Things You Can’t Help But Share With Friends


We’re all so different, but we also have a lot in common. You and your friends love the same movies and TV shows, you talk about books and music just as much as you do food, relationships or pets—and that’s why we’ve found 20 things that can’t be shared with anyone else but your best friends. So grab a glass of wine (or whatever) and read on!


Music is one of the most popular things to share with friends. It can be a great way to bond, and it’s also one of the best conversation starters. If you have friends who love music, don’t underestimate how much they’ll appreciate hearing what you’re listening to or how much they’ll want to know more about it—especially if there’s something new in your mix!

When talking about music with friends, try using some words that aren’t actually related directly to anything on your playlist (as in: “My favorite song right now is…”). This will make sure everyone knows where this conversation is going without having any awkward pauses while someone waits for someone else before speaking up again (which could lead into another topic altogether).

TV shows/movies/books

  • TV shows/movies/books

In this section, we’ll cover the ways you can connect with friends over TV shows, books and movies. We’ll also mention some of our favorite content that nobody should miss out on!


As a friend, you can’t help but be in the know about your friends’ relationships. You’ve probably seen them with their significant others or even just hanging out with someone who’s not a member of their immediate family.

It’s common for friends to keep tabs on each other’s romantic lives. It’s not always easy to hide something from someone you see every day! However, it is understandable that these relationships can become complicated at times: perhaps one person is deeply in love with another, or perhaps one person has been hurt by another.

If there are any problems in this type of relationship, it’s up to each individual person who has an interest in getting involved with either party involved in said relationship (or both) whether they want to take action and fix things themselves before they go too far down the wrong path…

Traits you admire

You admire the following traits in friends, people you don’t know and even yourself.


Pets are a great topic of conversation. You can talk about the pet’s personality and quirks. Share funny stories about your pet, or talk about how their favorite activities have changed your life.

For example:

  • “My dog loves to run around in circles and bark at people.”
  • “We had to leave our cat behind when we moved because she didn’t like living in apartments and needed more room.”


Hobbies are the things you enjoy doing. They can be anything, as long as they’re something you enjoy. Hobbies can help you meet new people and make friends. It’s also a great way to relax and clear your mind from stress or other negative feelings in life.

It’s important to have hobbies because it keeps us active and engaged on our own terms; we don’t need everyone else around us constantly checking up on us or asking what we’re doing every five minutes (or more). If someone wants to know why I’ve been spending so much time playing video games lately—and here’s a hint: it has nothing do with my job—I’ll tell them about my hobby first before launching into an explanation about why I’m working late tonight instead of going out with friends tonight.”


Food is a great way to bond with friends and family. Whether you’re ordering in, cooking at home, or eating out together, food brings people together.

It can also be an excellent topic of conversation! You might find yourself talking about your favorite dishes or the best places where they sell them.

You could also use this opportunity as an opportunity to get to know someone better—and the best part is that it doesn’t have to be awkward at all! All you need is some common ground: maybe both of your families are big fans of Mexican food; maybe one person was born in Mexico City while another grew up there; maybe both have had experience working as waiters/waitresses before moving on into other careers…the possibilities are endless!

Food can also be used as a celebration: birthdays (or anniversaries), graduations—even just having a picnic outside with family and friends can make everyone feel closer than ever before!

You’re always looking your best, and you’re willing to spend money on fashion and style. You love to try new trends. So it’s not hard for you to share tips with friends who want to be stylish too.

Life hacks

Life hacks are a great way to save time and money. You can also use them to make your life better. Whether it’s opening jars, turning old phones into wireless hotspots, or even finding the best way to fold laundry, there are many websites that list life hacks.

Quotes that inspire you and your friends

Quotes that inspire you and your friends

If you’re anything like me, quotes are one of the best things to share with friends. They can be super inspirational and give people hope in times when they feel lost or discouraged. Here are some of the most iconic quotes from throughout history:

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” – Franklin D Roosevelt

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.” – Thomas A Edison (inventor)

“Nothing is impossible for a willing heart.” – Vincent Van Gogh (painter)


The takeaway is the final section of a blog post, and it should summarize what you’ve learned from it. It should be short and sweet, with a takeaway that can be applied to your life or work.

The takeaway is also an opportunity to provide some context for why you wrote the article in the first place: Who were you writing for? What was the goal of this piece? Why did you choose this topic over others (and why did they choose theirs)?


I think the takeaway from this piece is that, when you’re sharing things with your friends, it’s important to remember that they are not just talking and listening heads, but also people who care about you. They don’t want you to fall apart or be miserable—they just want to support you in any way they can. So don’t take their advice at face value; really listen and absorb what they say before responding with thoughtful insight of your own!

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