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The i Club

The i Club is where millionaires meet, talk, exchange ideas and tips. It’s the place to take action for those looking for a shortcut to great life.

If you know what a millionaire is, and you want to learn how to become one, this is the place for you. There are many ways to be wealthy, but if you ask anyone with a lot of money, it’s an oversimplified definition. The i Club is where millionaires meet, talk, exchange ideas and tips, it is where everyone needs to be if they want to achieve their goals.

The i Club is your private room at the top of the world. It is where millionaires let their hair down, their bad days and good days, they exchange ideas and tips, they ask for advice and help each other with life problems…

The i Club is Where millionaires meet, talk, exchange ideas and tips. The i Club gives you access to our world class events and facilities as well as your own personal guide to help you navigate the financial jungle. There are no strict dress codes or requirements, we expect our members to be themselves and not just a possesed millionaire showing off.

Become a millionaire. Learn the secrets of the rich, including their financial planning. The i Club offers free investments and is not for everyone. It has strict rules that are important for success in the financial world.

The i Club is a society club for millionaires, their families and close friends. We are a community of people with similar interests that want to learn from each other and grow in the areas of finance, health, wealth building and entrepreneurship. The i Club educates members on how to make your money work for you through the principles of Warren Buffett, James Altucher and our other members. To join the club you must be able to pay $1,000 per month for twenty-six months. This gets you lifetime access to our group as well as access to all future events and meetings.