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What I Wore this Week.

What I Wore This Week.


I’ve been seeing more people wearing these on the streets but I like them enough that I thought I’d share.


  • Gray day
  • Gray sweater, gray jeans, and gray boots
  • Gray scarf (as well as a hat)


Tuesday was a busy day. I had a job interview and then went grocery shopping, which meant that I had to wear my work outfit for the week (which is why it’s Tuesday) all afternoon and into the evening.

The first thing you’ll notice about this outfit is how clean everything looks: no stains or wrinkles! That’s because I only wore it once. I washed it before photographing it. But otherwise never wore any other items from this post again after taking them off immediately after putting on these pants.

The second thing you’ll notice about this outfit is how simple: no frills here! The shirt was black with white polka dots; the hat was red with black trim; the shoes were red, and the scarf was white. Moreover, the necklace (which matched perfectly with my watch) was the silver-plated metal chain with a dangling pendant charm attached by a lobster clasp closure fastened by a small metal button. This is located just above where the pinky finger curves inward toward the palm side of the hand holding wrist against the outer edge.

So while wearing cuff ends up just below the point where the bottom curve begins forming a gentle arc outward toward the side closest shoulder joint giving way before reaching the top curve which forms a full circle shape ending at a middle point between the chest area where a heart would be if we could see inside ourselves without having any external factors affecting our perception. Like clothes pins holding down pants onto the body or whatever else might exist out there right now…


I wore a black dress with a white sweater, my hair up in a bun, and black boots. My red lipstick is from Clinique, and I used it to create the perfect look for this weather!


Thursday was a busy day, so I decided to wear my favorite outfit: a gray t-shirt and jeans. I’m not sure why this is my favorite outfit to wear on Thursdays. But it’s just something about the combination of gray and denim that makes me feel happy.

I also wore sneakers because I love them (and because they’re comfortable).


I was going to a meeting with my boss. He’s the guy who hired me and I feel like he’s always looking for ways to make it clear that he’s in charge. So when he asked if I wanted to go out for lunch, of course, I said yes. It was Friday! And we were both busy so nothing was really planned. But we were both ready for some food and conversation anyway!

We went to this cute Mexican restaurant near where we work (which is cool because it has good margaritas) and sat down at a table near the windows, which made me think about summertime days spent sitting on first dates at Spanish restaurants overlooking Los Angeles—except instead of sipping margaritas together under those same red lights, here we were eating burritos!

I had never ordered burrito before but thought it sounded pretty interesting so decided that would be my order once our server arrived with our drinks (yesterday being National Margarita Day). Once she set down our sodas though, she told us how they weren’t really available anymore due to a shortage caused by earthquakes affecting production plants across Mexico recently…


  • I love this outfit for work.
  • I love this outfit for going out.
  • I love this outfit for a nice dinner with friends.
  • And if you’re throwing a party, I would totally wear this to one of those too!


This week was full of fun, but I also learned a lot. Being a new blogger means you have to put yourself out there and try new things that may not work out perfectly, but if done with conviction and enthusiasm, they can turn into something positive. The more time I spend here on this platform writing about my experiences and learning from other people’s advice about fashion, the better I feel about myself as an individual.

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