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What Kind Of Wine/Beer Would Groot Prefer?

What Kind Of Wine/Beer Would Groot Prefer?

What Kind Of Wine/Beer Would Groot Prefer?


Groot is one of the most unique characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s a tree that loves beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages. What Kind Of Wine/Beer Would Groot Prefer? We’re glad you asked!


Groot would prefer a beer that is light, crisp, and refreshing. He’s not a huge fan of heavy or bitter tastes in his drinks. He prefers low-alcohol content beers over those with higher alcohol content.



Groot would prefer wine because it is better for you, and more sophisticated than beer. He also likes red wine because he’s a tough guy who likes to punch things and bruise them (and sometimes people), so he feels more comfortable with a deeper hue. But most importantly, Groot enjoys the way that wine smells like flowers in the springtime—which is really hard to explain but I’ll give it my best shot: imagine when your mom gives you a bouquet of daisies at Easter brunch; they smell like fresh cut grass mixed with honeysuckle and maybe even some mint leaves if they’re very lucky! Now imagine that same bouquet poured over ice cubes and placed in front of you as well as into glass cups full of bubbles…that’s what drinking wine tastes like!


You may have noticed that, while Groot is usually depicted as being in a state of either total bliss or total fury, he’s never shown to be drinking alcohol. As such, it’s hard to say what he would prefer.

However, we can make some educated guesses based on his behavior:

  • He works at a bar and likes to drink wine on occasion.
  • He used to enjoy beer with his friends when they go out for drinks together.
  • He seems like he’d like any drink that combines sweet flavors with bitter ones and vice versa—and also maybe something with some fruit?


So, there you have it! In the end, we can only answer the question of what Groot would drink based on what he’s been shown in the movie. But between his love of beer and wine, it seems like he prefers reds over whites or any kind of liquor. He might turn up his nose at sake or other non-alcoholic beverages, though—so enjoy your drinks while they last!

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