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Why I Started My Own Fashion Brand

Why I Started My Own Fashion Brand

Why I Started My Own Fashion Brand


I never set out to be a fashion designer. You might have heard that before, but if you’ve ever wondered why I’m so drawn to this industry—and why I decided to start my own brand. Then this is the story for you.

In college, I studied Art History and English Literature with an emphasis on Renaissance literature and art history. Part of my senior project involved researching a subject in depth. Then writing about it for a blog post or thesis paper. But after getting my degree (which was actually more like an associate’s degree), I realized that there weren’t many opportunities for people with those kinds of skills. Not many jobs were available because most of them measure your ability according to your GPA or GRE scores alone. Meanwhile, the world had changed dramatically since 20th-century masters like Wilde or Woolf lived on campus!

So when one day someone told me about this new thing called Instagram (back when everyone still thought it’d be illegal someday) and its popularity among teenagers who wanted their lives documented online “for all time,” it seemed like perfect timing for someone like me who loved books but didn’t know how else to form them into narratives either through words themselves or through images taken from books themselves.”

I never set out to be a fashion designer.

I never set out to be a fashion designer. In fact, I didn’t even start making clothes until college. After graduating from Yale University with an English degree, I moved back home with my parents and worked as a journalist for a small newspaper in Connecticut.

There, I discovered that all journalists are created equal. Some were good writers and others just didn’t care enough about what they were writing (or doing). So after two years of working on the same beat day after day (and night), it was time for a change! Another job offer came along when I moved out into New York City!

I was drawn to fashion for the same reasons I’m drawn to design.

I have always been fascinated by fashion and am a firm believer that everybody should know how to dress well. When I was younger, my mother would buy me clothes from the thrift store or consignment shop. She didn’t have any money for designer labels. Instead, she saved up her receipts until she could afford them on her own. This gave me an appreciation for quality over quantity. It also taught me that you don’t need much to make an impact in your wardrobe!

I was shocked by how much stuff people were buying, and how narrowly we were defining what it meant to be beautiful in this industry.

When you look at the most popular brands of clothing, there is a clear hierarchy. High-end designers like Gucci and Chanel are at the top with their exotic cuts and bold colors. Then there are stores like Forever21 that sell $10 T-shirts. Then you find mainstream retailers like Nordstrom or Target who sell cheap clothes from Chinese factories. And finally! there’s H&M or American Apparel where anything goes (though not necessarily for long).

In other words, beauty standards are very different from country to country!

I’ve often been told I have a unique sense of style.

I’ve often been told that I have a unique sense of style. In fact, one of my friends recently told me that she was surprised by how much she liked my clothing because it looked different from what she usually sees on other people. It’s true! I do like to experiment with color and pattern in my outfits, but I also like to keep things simple so they don’t distract from the main focus: the fit!

I’ve always loved clothes and accessories, but my interest in fashion started when I was 9 or 10 years old. My parents had a small closet for us, kids, at home. We would go through it regularly looking for something new to wear each day after school or on weekends when we weren’t being supervised by an adult (which wasn’t very often).

That’s important to me.

That’s important to me.

I wanted a brand that reflected my personal style and the way I see myself. So when I was thinking about what label would best fit that vision, it was clear to me there was only one choice: Myself!

For me, fashion is a creative outlet.

The fashion industry always inspires me, but it wasn’t until I had my own business that I realized how much fun it was to create my own designs.

For me, fashion is a creative outlet. It can help you express yourself in ways that are unique to you and make your life better in many ways (and not just because of the clothes). When working on these pieces for myself or others, I get to see how much people enjoy wearing them and smile when their friends compliment their style!

I don’t use models in my campaigns because there’s no way to represent everyone with just one person.

I have seen online ads that feature one beautiful black woman, but she is not representative of the entire community. You can’t just show someone who looks like you and say “This is your average girl.” It’s not that simple.

During New York Fashion Week, the team and I make it a point of including as many people as we can on our runway shows.

We have had a lot of fun designing programs that are relevant and inclusive for people of all ages. We want them to feel like they belong in our world, so we’ve created an environment where anyone can participate.

Fashion doesn’t end when the lights go down on the catwalk or after the pictures are taken at photo shoots — it extends beyond that.

There are so many ways to experience fashion, even when you don’t have the chance to be on a catwalk. For example, I love to shop at thrift stores and secondhand shops for vintage or designer clothes because I get to see how far fashion has come from its roots in the past century.

I also love making my own clothes once in a while! It’s something that challenges me creatively and pushes me as an artist. This is why I’m currently working on a collaborative project with another artist friend called “The Fashion Chronicles,”. It aims to document our work through photography and video essays (you can check out our first episode here).

To me, fashion is about more than just clothes — it’s about creativity, empowerment, and self-expression.

To me, fashion is about more than just clothes — it’s about creativity, empowerment, and self-expression.

The idea of starting my own brand came to me while I was still in school. I’d always been interested in fashion but didn’t know where I would find the inspiration or confidence necessary to create something that was truly unique. It took some time before I finally decided to take action!

When I was a little kid, I used to make my own clothes.

When I was a little kid, I used to make my own clothes. My parents were not very supportive of this hobby and tried to convince me that it wasn’t important. In fact, they made fun of me for wasting time and money on something that wasn’t useful for anything except looking good in pictures.

I didn’t care about their opinion at all! So one day when I was still in junior high school and preparing for the next step in life (high school), my father decided to take me out shopping so he could get some new clothes for himself too. Even though he had nothing wrong with his old ones!

He also wanted us both to try different styles on each other. But just because we were having fun together didn’t mean we couldn’t have fun independently too!

My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was ten years old, and I didn’t need much more than that.

My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was ten years old. I didn’t need much more than that. She had a small sewing machine that she used for her own clothing and sometimes for other people in the family. When we were younger, we would spend hours together working on handbags or shirts. It was like a therapy session for us because it gave us something else to do besides play video games or watch TV all day long.

I had always been interested in fashion as well as designating myself as a creative person. So when my grandmother started teaching me how to sew, I knew this was where my passion would lie “Clothes and Accessories”.

My family never had much money. But it never occurred to me that that meant I couldn’t wear what I wanted.

My parents were immigrants from India and Pakistan who came to the United States in the 1970s with just $5 in their pockets. They worked hard and saved every penny they could so their children could have a better life than they did. It’s not easy for new immigrants to get jobs—especially women. But my mom was determined to make sure that we had opportunities that would allow us all to succeed in this country as well.

It turns out that making your own clothes out of scraps of fabric you find in the trash is a pretty good way to make your peers think you’re awesome.

I have a friend who makes all her own clothes. She’s always getting compliments on how cute they are or how unique they are. It’s because she doesn’t just buy clothes at Target or Old Navy. She makes them herself! You know what else? It turns out that this actually helps with self-esteem, too! When someone says something nice about your outfit, it feels like an actual compliment instead of just “You look nice today.”

When I was a teenager, I started thrifting at the local Goodwill and Salvation Army stores.

At first, it was just to get away from my parents for a few hours every weekend. Then it became more about finding cool clothes that fit me at the thrift store—and saving money in the process!

After school started again, my mom would drive me to work after school every day so we could have time together. We’d stop at one of our favorite shops before heading home for dinner together as well as homework time later on in the evening (or early morning).

Looking back on it, my mom must have thought it was absolutely nuts for me to spend my weekends hunting through racks of used clothing and buying stuff that didn’t even fit.

I think she was right. I probably would not have made the effort if she hadn’t been so supportive throughout the process.

But instead of telling me “no,” she would go with me and help me pick out pieces, altering them at home so they’d fit better.

But instead of telling me “no,” she would go with me and help me pick out pieces, altering them at home so they’d fit better. We’d make new styles together.

When I started my fashion brand, I wanted to create a space where people could come in and get their own style on point. That’s exactly what we did!

Nowadays, a lot of people are looking in their closets and realizing they have nothing to wear—even though they have plenty of clothes and shoes.

Nowadays, a lot of people are looking in their closets and realizing they have nothing to wear. Even though they have plenty of clothes and shoes.

I was one of those people. My closet was full of jeans that I never wore because they were too tight, or dresses that didn’t fit my body type. I had so many pairs of shoes that I never wore out because they were too small for me. Even if there were bigger sizes available, they would be expensive.

But then something happened: I started running! Running is such an amazing way to get into shape and stay there! It’s also great for your mental health. When you’re running along the trail at night with all your friends around you cheering for each other as they pass through town on their way home from work…it makes everything else seem like some kind of nightmare from which we can escape only by hitting the pavement again tomorrow morning (or later today).

That’s why companies like thredUP exist.

That’s why companies like thredUP exist. They allow you to sell your gently used clothing and give the proceeds to charity, with no upfront costs or commissions. If you’re looking for an easy way to make money while you shop, these are great options!

We can change our consumer habits for the better, but we need options—not just products that look different, but cost the same as everything else.

When I was in college, I got really into making my own clothes. It was a hobby that I enjoyed and it helped me learn about the creation process of clothing. When I graduated from college, I started my own business making custom-made T-shirts for sale online. The problem with this idea is that there were no other options available at that time when it comes to buying fashion items online—you had to go through one specific site or brand (like Zara), which meant that there was no competition and things would probably be more expensive than if you just bought them off Amazon or Urban Outfitters (which are both excellent stores).

But now there are more options! There are many different types of brands offering different looks and styles of clothing at affordable prices. So, now it’s easier than ever before not only when buying clothes but also to find ways to save money while still having an enjoyable experience shopping online!


I’ve always felt like fashion was a bit of a mystery to me. I never set out to be a fashion designer, and I’m not really sure where my love for this industry came from. But what I do know is that we need more options! Not just products that look different, but cost the same as everything else.

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