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You Got Friends And Family? Go Play With Them

You Got Friends And Family? Go Play With Them

You Got Friends And Family? Go Play With Them


You Got Friends And Family? Go Play With Them. They’re the ones who make life worth living. And yet, sometimes we forget how important they are and what they mean to us. So I’m going to share some ideas with you on how you can show your friends more love and appreciation—without even trying!

Surprise your friends with a present for no reason.

Surprise your friends with a present for no reason. A gift can be anything, as long as it’s thoughtful and fun. Maybe you’re going on vacation and want to bring along some of your favorite snacks or drinks? Or maybe you’re hosting a party and need something for the hostess in your life? Maybe all of these things are true for someone else in your life, too!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this gift (although sometimes it makes sense). You can get creative and make something yourself if necessary—or even just buy them cards that say “I love ____!”

Learn about a topic that interests one of your friends, and surprise them by asking them questions about it.

You can also surprise your friends by asking them questions about something that interests you. For example, if a friend of yours loves sports and is always talking about it, ask him or her why there are so many different kinds of sports. Is it just because people like to play? Or does it have something to do with the environment in which the sport was developed?

Don’t be afraid to admit that you don’t know something! It’s better than making up an answer and lying, anyway—and besides all that, who cares if you get it wrong anyway?

Do something nice and let them know it’s because you were thinking of them.

You can do something nice for the people who matter to you, even if it’s just a small thing. It doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming—it just needs to be thoughtful.

Sometimes we get caught up in our own stuff and forget about other people’s feelings. If you want to make someone feel better, don’t wait until they need something. Instead, ask them how they’re feeling and what they would like in return (or if there is anything at all). Sometimes asking isn’t enough. It could lead someone down a path of self-discovery that might help them understand why they’re acting out or doing things differently than usual.

This doesn’t mean that every action needs its own reward system built around social media likes/grams/follows – but sometimes simple appreciation goes a long way!

Do something nice in front of them, to show them you care.

When you’re in front of your friends and family, do something nice for them. Make it a surprise, but don’t make it too big of a deal. Don’t expect anything in return (but maybe offer to clean out their car or mow their lawn). This can go a long way towards showing them that you care about them!

Let your friends know when you’re having a bad day.

It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to be angry, frustrated and scared.

It’s also fine if you don’t understand what’s going on in your life, or why things are happening the way they are right now, or why there are people around who seem more important than others—or even if you don’t know what any of this has anything at all do with yourself!

If there was ever a time for us all as human beings (and by “us” I mean “me”) – it would have been when we realized that everything doesn’t have an answer straight away; sometimes things take time before they reveal themselves fully…

Take an interest in what they’re interested in.

  • Ask questions. If you’re curious about what your friend or family member likes, ask them! Maybe they love the outdoors and would like to go hiking with you sometime. Or maybe they want to learn more about cooking. Ask if there are any recipes in their library that could use some help.
  • Ask what they don’t like about it too! It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of something new—but don’t forget that even though we might not be able to do everything at once (and sometimes even sometimes), we all have our limits! For example: if someone doesn’t enjoy sports as much as other hobbies/interests, then maybe try something else instead? Or perhaps find other activities together?
  • Ask if they have any tips or advice for me because I’m not sure how best way lead my life yet but still learning every day so anything helps 🙂

Compliment your friends in front of other people.

  • Compliment your friends in front of other people.
  • If you’re a good friend, then when you see someone else complimenting a friend of yours (or even if they don’t say anything), there should be no hesitation on your part to say something positive back. And not only will you be encouraging them by giving them encouragement; but also helping others see how great they are! The more compliments and positive feedback we get from others, the better we feel about ourselves and our lives overall.

Spend some alone time with the people you love now and then.

Spending time alone with the people you love can be a great way to get to know them better. If you’re spending all your time with your friends and family, go do something that only involves one of those groups!

Be there for the people you love when they need you most, even if this means doing something unpleasant or a little uncomfortable for yourself.

You are the person who has to help your friends, family members, and acquaintances. You’re the one in charge of making sure they’re okay and feeling safe and supported.

Sometimes it’s just as easy to stay away from people as it is to get close with them. Sometimes getting close can be hard work too—but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try! The best way to make sure everyone around you feels loved is by being there for them when they need it most: whether that means taking care of someone else’s needs or standing up for yourself when someone wrongs you (no matter how much it hurts).

Being there for friends is not as easy as it sounds but totally worth it!

Being there for friends is not as easy as it sounds but totally worth it! You can’t help your friends if you don’t know where they are, or if they don’t know that you care.

You have to stay connected with your friends so that when one of them needs something from the other, like a ride home or an ear to listen in on their struggles, then you will be able to offer what they need.

It’s important to be there for your friends because without them around we would have no one else in this world who understands what we go through every day.


We hope you enjoyed this post, and it gave you a few new ideas for how to spend time with your friends. The world is full of people who need support, and we’re lucky enough to have so many wonderful people in our lives who will always be there for us.

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